Although math is a crucial subject, many students do not like it. Which side do you take?

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4 July 2017

It doesn’t matter whether a student likes it or not, math is a crucial subject for any student. Its importance manifests itself in various aspects of this world and the student`s career is of the most importance, almost all jobs require some good knowledge of math. Students have to show that they have the capability to learn and understand different subjects and mathematics is a key ingredient used in determining a student’s level of comprehension and in helping students improve their performance.

The study of mathematics is important in determining a student`s ability to think logically, formulate tasks which can be computed, and make deductions from assumptions made. This is usually tested by giving a student a theoretical or practical examination. Better performance is a clear indication of a student that is able to learn and apply their knowledge. A student with better knowledge in mathematics is better since they find it easy to understand different subjects that involve math and can, therefore, perform well. In contrast to this, a student with poor performance in math may be regarded as a weak student.

Many students may choose to dislike math for various reasons, for example, lack of an understanding of the importance of studying math can make a student lose interest in taking math seriously. Students should know that mathematics is one of the key subjects required to be able to do a degree course that will lead to a successful career. Parents and teachers can encourage their kids to like math by explaining to them why they need mathematics in their lives. Take, for example, statistics, it is essential in medicine for analysing data on the causes of illness and on the utility of new drugs, it can also be used to provide the theory and methodology for analysing wide varieties of data. Knowledge of math will, therefore, grant the student a better position for many choices of career and can easily find a good job.

The study of math is also important in that it can help a student grow their logical thinking and be able to understand advanced mathematical concepts. This promotes the overall knowledge and understanding of the student. Math is a crucial subject that is easy to learn and one can get better at it through a lot of practice and mastery of the basic concepts which are a guide through to the advanced concepts. A student who dislikes math can be encouraged to take extra math classes which can make them view math from a different perspective and learn it easily. A keen student will be able to understand basic mathematical concepts and use them to perform advanced mathematical problems through practice and love for the subject.

Math can only be a tough subject for a student who lacks seriousness. It is good for a serious student to love math for it is a key requirement to pursue university courses and get along with their choice of career. Generally, math is important in almost all daily activities such as running a business or offering teller services and should, therefore, be taken seriously by students.


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