What are the best study tips to help you focus while you work and earn an A?

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Many college students struggle to handle the intense course load of secondary education for a variety of reasons. Some students didn't develop good study strategies while in high school because the course work was easy for them. Others have a hard time balancing the extra-curricular activities they do with their school work. And then there are students who just don't know where to start. As a recent college graduate and a tutor in the learning disability center, here are the best study tips I came across that are easy to try and helpful for many students.

Find the right location:

When it comes to learning environments, everyone is different. The commonality, however, is that everyone needs the right space to be productive. Students who are easily distracted may need to find a private study room or quiet floor of the library. Students who like to procrastinate should try studying in a public setting, so the other people around hold them accountable to focus rather than surf the web or play on their phone. Students who find themselves easily overwhelmed may enjoy studying in a comfortable place, such as a lounge, a coffee shop, or a bedroom. There is no universal right answer, but it's important to try a couple places until you find the spot that's right for you.

Review your notes immediately after class:

Many students take notes, do the homework, and leave the notebook in their backpack until the next class. Instead of forgetting about the material that quickly, review the notes immediately after class. This way, if you realize you don't understand a concept, you can go talk to your professor right away. This ensures that you won't fall behind and you won't be seeing your notes for the first time the night before the big exam.

Keep running flashcards:

Many students have tried and failed to make 500 flashcards the night before exams. Not only is it an inefficient way to study, it's also really boring. Do a little bit of prep work and save yourself a lot of stress by creating flashcards all semester long. Depending on the course, you may be able to make them in class instead of writing the material out as notes. It's much easier to make 10-15 flashcards a day than 500 in one night. It also gives you the ability to review throughout the course without much extra effort.

Always do your work sooner rather than later:

This is one of the best study tips I can offer, and I'm sure it will be one of the least appreciated. However, I stand by it; procrastination is not the way to go. It may seem tempting to watch another episode of Netflix or play one more round of a video game, but don't give in. Finishing your work early has multiple benefits. First, it relieves the pressure of the looming due date. Second, it allows you time to get help on the assignment if you find you need it. Third, and maybe most appealing, it clears up your schedule for when a friend invites you on a late night fast food run or you want to go out and celebrate the team's big victory. Get in the habit of doing assignments when the assigned, and you'll find there is plenty of time for fun.

Reward yourself:

Sometimes it takes a little motivation to get yourself focused. That's why it's helpful to add rewards into your study schedule. If you finish this math assignment, you get to go get ice cream with your roommate. If you complete this essay tonight, you get to go to that birthday party tomorrow. Rewards not only set a time limit on your work, but they also give you a well deserved break from all the hours of studying. Get motivated and earn that prize.

There are many other great tips and tricks out there, but these are the most beneficial tips I acquired throughout my scholarly experience. With the right mindset and the right attitude, any student can succeed at the collegiate level. These tips are just here to make it a little easier. Now it's time to put them into action and get to work. Happy studying!

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