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Top 6 Tips for Better Time Management

Effective time management is a powerful tool to cut distractions and improve attention. Here are my top 6 tips for better time management.

1. According to the CDC, one-third of Americans are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation and business are badges intended to illicit praise in American culture. But staying up all night and working ludicrous hours is not an accomplishment. Unfortunately, losing a few hours of sleep can make decisions and change strenuous. Lack of preparation leads to burn out quick. Sleep is essential for rejuvenation because it heals the body and mind. It facilitates better learning and creativity and even restores blood vessels.

Get proper sleep to work smarter, not harder, and reach your goals.

2. Your bus to work is late. Project research takes longer than expected. A chatty coworker won't leave you alone. Life can get in the way. But environmental influences and mindless tasks should not dictate your life! Examine how you spend your time. Set an hourly alarm to remind you to write down what you're doing. This is an eye-opening task.

You may notice yourself gravitating to projects that are meaningful after checking in. But do this for a few days to get good results. Highlight when you're naturally more productive and when you're a zombie. Next, determine which activities you'd like to exclude and which to focus on.

4. Since you've examined how you spend your time, it's critical to outline how you'd ideally use it.

After you wake up or before you sleep, devote 15 minutes to plan your day. Only select a few important tasks to finish so you don't become overwhelmed. Begin your day with a plan and it will be easy to adopt a mindset of productivity. Often, lack of clarity is mislabeled as laziness. This is why SMART goals are so effective.

Additionally, work with your natural rhythm. Catch yourself yawning mid-afternoon? Schedule administrative tasks like phone calls and emails when you're less productive.

5. Feel sluggish? Low energy is a sneaky culprit. It can make you spend too long on tasks and be easily distracted.

Eat right and drink water to have constant high energy throughout the day. Those are not sexy answers for managing your time. But completing tasks will always be dreadful if your mind and body are malnourished.

Hydration plays a valuable role in maintaining energy throughout the day. B vitamins and healthy fats help you think quicker and preserve brain size. So, grab a handful of nuts and a water when you leave the house next.

6. Block. There is a Chrome extension that blocks specified websites during certain times. Of course, social media sites and email are definite sites to consider.

Want to take it to another level? Turn your phone off and tell your co-workers or friends you're busy. Seclude yourself to a deserted office to block yourself from distractions. In the end, it may be a bore, but it's a foolproof method for success.

In the next week, use one of these top 6 tips for time management. It will likely improve your productivity and life-satisfaction. Let me know if these tips help, and please share what tips you've utilized in the past to manage time.


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